Holiday Entertaining: Bring Joy to the World with an AV System

Everyone sing, “On the first day of Christmas, my dream home theater system came to me…” We tend to love many aspects of the holiday season, but things can be chaotic with all the shopping, decorating, cooking, traveling, and entertaining friends and family who sometimes stay a bit longer than expected. How can you better manage the madness, keep spirits high, and keep the Grinch at bay? Your audio and visual systems can help you create harmony at home as you entertain. Here are five ways to further enjoy the holiday celebrations with your home theater systems:

1. Stream holiday music throughout your entire home to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

2. Play a classic Disney movie in 5.1 surround sound in the kids’ playroom so that the adults can carry on a conversation and catch up after many years without being interrupted.

3. Watch a live game so that no one feels compelled to talk politics!

4. Turn on classical music in the kitchen while cooking to mask the sound of the children in the adjacent playroom.

5. Schedule your home automation system to turn on and off lights while away from home so that it appears as though someone is home for additional peace - on earth - of mind.

And, be sure to have fun playing music and dancing with the kids.

Happy Holidays from Immersive Experiences!