Immerse yourself in the action with a 4K UHD life-like picture and Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 surround sound in any room. Press one button on your smartphone's remote app to fully transform your living space into a front row seat at the movies or a jazz club music performance experience. Seamlessly integrate your system with your home's design and décor with discretely placed cables and in-wall speakers. We tailor your home theater system to complement your room and provide you with the highest sound quality reproduction possible. Tell us the home theater experience you would like to have, and we’ll provide the guidance and help ensure that you have the best experience.

Complement Your Décor

A 5.1 theater system in your living room can be concealed with a one-way mirror HDTV with picture frame, in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, and your AV receiver and associated devices (Apple TV, cable TV, Blu-ray player) behind closed cabinet doors. Also, a pair of handcrafted floor standing speakers with a wood finish can be chosen to match the room décor and can be a wonderful focal point for the room.

Control Your Environment

Simplify by using a single remote control to control your entire home theater system, lights, music, and shades. With automatic shade control for example, sunlight no longer will fade that beloved leather coach of yours or wash out the picture of your 4K UHD TV.

Maximize Space

By having your family room act as a gathering place for family and friends for watching sporting events, music listening, and a 5.1 movie theater experience, you maximize the usefulness of the room.