Take control of your life with home automation and home theater system control that makes operating your home and everything in it enjoyable. Spend less time juggling all the remotes that come with each A/V device and more time enjoying your home theater system with a single universal remote control.

Take Control

Control lighting, thermostat, indoor and outdoor cameras, garage door, whole house music, outdoor music, and your home theater system from a single universal remote control. There are many user interfaces to choose from for home theater control to just name a few: in-wall touchpad, in-wall keypads, URC hand-held remote, your iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone.

Safe and Secure

Check to see if your children are safe and doing their homework while away from home with your iPhone. While away on vacation with your family, have your lights turn on and off at specific times of the day so that it appears as though you are at home. Forget to lock the door this morning? Not a problem. Lock the door from your smartphone from miles away from home.

Efficiency Through Automation

Have the playroom TV and lights turn off at a specified time every evening when it is time for the kids to go to bed. Save energy and money with more efficient automated lighting and heating control. Wake up to your favorite song or streaming radio station.

We specialize in home automation and home theater control system design, installation, and programming services. As an authorized dealer of home automation control systems such as Universal Remote Control (URC Total Control) products, we install the appropriate system devices and perform the necessary programming to give you complete control of your home.