3 Tips to Improve Your Home Theater Gaming

Interested in having the best home theater gaming experience possible with your Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Wii U? The following are three ways you can vastly improve your home theater gaming experience and in turn your game playing performance.

Listen with a full 5.1 channel surround speaker set

Avoid sound bar speakers that claim they will provide the same level of surround sound envelopment and sound location cues as a discrete 5.1 speaker system (five speakers and a subwoofer). If you want to successfully get the bad guys, you will need a complete set of speakers that will tell you where they are coming from with pinpoint precision. A proper 5.1 speaker system will not only give you the experience of being immersed in the action with the right audio cues, it will help improve your overall gaming performance.

View outstanding picture quality with a plasma HDTV

Despite plasma HDTVs’ reputation for burn-in, they are an excellent choice for game playing for a number of reasons. Plasma technology generally offers a much wider viewing angle than LEDs and LCDs, which means you can have multiple players viewing from extreme angles during game play. Also, because of how fast the phosphors in a plasma TV fire, plasmas are an excellent choice for sports and fast moving video game content. Also, today’s newer plasmas are less susceptible to image retention. The only case where it is advisable to go with LED/LCD technology is when there is direct light that may reflect off of a plasma TV’s glass screen. Otherwise, impress your gamer friends with superior black level detail and non-blurring picture performance with a plasma HDTV.

Get connected with the right cables

Always use an HDMI cable to provide optimum picture quality for your gaming video if your system allows it. Also, for Wii console owners, the Wii-to-HDMI converter by Sewell does an excellent job of sending the Wii 480p signal to a 1080p native resolution HDTV. If your only choice is component video, then simply connect your game console to an AV receiver that is capable of up-converting your analog component video to a digital HDMI video signal. Also, in your game console be sure to check in the settings menu that you have chosen the option with the highest video output resolution.

There are certainly many more ways to optimize your home theater gaming experience. We invite you to share your tips by commenting below.