Enjoy your favorite music in every room, controllable from your iPhone, Android, and even your tablet. Listen to Pandora, Sirius XM, Spotify, or public radio throughout your entire home and outdoor patios, while keeping your floor space completely free with speakers in-ceiling and in-wall.

Ease of Use

Control the music throughout your home with an in-wall touch-panel, iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone providing you with simple operations and a quick way to enjoy your music.

Out of Sight

With in-ceiling speakers, you have wonderful sound coverage for any room size, yet the benefit of having all of your valuable floor space completely freed up for other uses. Similarly, your whole house amp and music playback devices can be hidden away in a closet or custom cabinet.

All Your Music, All the Time

Enjoy streaming news radio programs such as NPR, listening to streaming music from Pandora, Sirius XM, Spotify, and more. Also, all of your musical content can automatically transfer to a central storage music server so your music stays at home for others to enjoy even when you and your laptop are away.

You will also find practical benefits to having a whole house music system. For example, listening to classical music in the kitchen while making dinner will help mask the noise coming from an adjacent playroom. Outdoor speakers with relaxing jazz music playing can help mask the constant hum of a nearby freeway, giving you and your dinner guests a more relaxing and enjoyable experience.