Experience the best picture quality your display has to offer with a professional display calibration. Studio directors and video editing engineers work on monitors calibrated to reference white levels to maintain accurate color throughout the movie making process. Calibrating your display ensures that you see what the filmmakers intended. We are Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) trained and certified to calibrate your display to industry standards to provide you with the best picture quality and experience possible from your display.

Professional Display Calibration

  • Provides a sharper, more film-like picture
  • Brings out more visible detail in the darkest and lightest parts of the picture
  • Improves color accuracy for a lifelike color reproduction (grass, sky, and sport jerseys)
  • Optimizes display settings for room lighting and reduces viewing fatigue
  • Extends display life, and reduces energy consumption by 10-20%

What We Do

  • Set proper black level (brightness) and white level (contrast/picture)
  • Calibrate grayscale to NTSC standard of 6500K (or "D65")
  • Properly set color, tint, and sharpness (including edge enhancement reduction when possible)
  • Adjust color decoder to fix "red push"
  • Color management of the primary and secondary colors to SMPTE CIE standards
  • Convergence for analog rear projectors...and more!