Immerse yourself in the action of movies and sporting events in the comfort of your own dedicated home theater room. A dedicated home theater will provide you with only the best surround sound reproduction and picture quality possible. No interruptions, and no interrupting others. The ultimate movie theater experience.

Only the Best Home Theater Experience

Be taken someplace else with a room dedicated to watching movies on a full theater size screen with 7.2 surround sound and thunderous explosive bass during a battle scene and accurately controlled bass sound for your favorite symphony performance. Totally uncompromised picture quality due to a controlled lighting environment giving you the most outstanding black level picture detail and image fidelity possible.

No Interruptions, No Interrupting Others

Completely isolated from any distractions and noise outside the walls of your dedicated home theater room, you have a seamless and high quality movie watching experience. Plus, your loud thunderous battle scenes are largely kept within the walls of your dedicated theater room, which the rest of your family and friends in your home will greatly appreciate.

Total Convenience, Simply Enjoy

Enjoy going to the movies without having to stand in line. Never miss a pivotal scene in the middle of a movie because you need to take an important phone call. No more having to hear someone talk to the main character in the movie telling them to look out. With friends and family go to the movies and relax with your beverage of choice; something other than soda. Always have the best seat in the house.