OLED: Finding the Picture Perfect UHD TV

Are you looking to purchase the best picture producing flat screen UHD TV, but are finding that the LED-backlit LCD variants of today still lack the exquisite black level detail of decades old plasma TV technology? Well, I have very good news for you. After many years of LED-backlit LCD TV flat screen technology dominating the ultra-thin flat TV market, we finally have an alternative in the form of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology.

Thinner and More Energy Efficient

We knew the plasma TV’s days were numbered some time ago when TV manufacturers phased out plasma TVs in favor of thinner and more green, energy efficient technology. The problem was that the LED-backlit LCD picture quality, while often brighter than plasma, lacked the wonderful rich deep blacks of plasma TVs. Fortunately, flat-panel OLED UHD TV technology now gives us the best of both worlds: excellent picture quality from almost every viewing angle, rich color, amazingly thin frames like an LCD TV, low power consumption, and most importantly that outstanding plasma like black level detail we have grown to love.

Rich Black Levels

OLED flat screen 4K UHD TVs provide outstanding deep oil painting like blacks arguably surpassing plasma display technology. The reason for this is that the OLED TV has self-lighting pixels that can switch off completely to achieve absolute black.

Additionally, with 4K under TV manufacturers’ belts, they have turned their attention to High Dynamic Range (HDR) which further improves black level picture performance. With HDR you can see even more nuance and detail in the dark and shadowy areas of the picture.

The New Game in Town

At last year’s CES 2015, LG showcased its HDR prototype OLED TV. CNET provides a well-written review about the new OLED display. LG launched the flat-screen OLED TV in 2015 and is releasing new versions in 2016.

Finally, when asked, I can say yes, there is a new flat-panel TV technology that provides deep rich blacks the likes of plasma and is sexy thin like an LCD LED-backlit UHD TV…and it’s called the OLED flat UHD TV.