Childproof Your Home Theater

Perhaps the only person who loves pressing buttons on a piece of high-end audio gear more than an adult is a three-year-old. The problem is that unlike most grownups, a child has no idea about the potential harm they can do. Of greater concern is the fact that HDTVs have grown larger while becoming lighter in weight, making them more prone to tipping over with a simple push. Wondering how to childproof your home theater? Here are a few ways to protect your child and your AV gear.

Secure Your HDTV and Speakers On-wall

Mounting your HDTV on a wall ensures that your child will not tip it over and potentially injure themselves. Also, securing your HDTV on-wall will minimize the sticky finger epidemic that is currently running rampant across the nation. You will no longer have to clean your HDTV after every play date because tiny hands have touched your HDTV screen. You may also mount speakers in-wall rather than use floor-standing speakers to avoid children knocking them over in a playroom environment.

Put Wires Out of Sight, Out Of Mind

Placing wires in-wall and neatly zip-tied inside of a cabinet will greatly reduce accidental unplugging of your AV gear. Also, wires that are not zip-tied and neatly put away can be a safety hazard for toddlers who love to put everything, including electrical power cords, in their mouths.

Keep Hands off the AV Gear

You may further keep your AV gear out of sight and out of reach from children by using a universal remote with an RF base station. A universal remote control gives you the ability to control your entire AV system through cabinet doors that are closed with childproof locks. Your children will no longer be able to accidently press buttons on the face of each device that can cause unintended device setting changes.

As you can see, there are many reasons beyond aesthetic consideration to have your home theater system seamlessly and properly installed. A properly installed home theater system will not only look fantastic, it will also provide your family with a safer and more reliable system.

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